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Five things that help to win more clients. Interview with Vicky R.

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How is it possible to always remain so positive? That is the question you want to ask our sales team lead, Vicky, when you’ve known her for at least a day. She is always goal driven and in good mood. The attitude clearly works in her favour, but what else helps her win so many clients in such a competitive Affiliate Marketing industry… Let us find out.

Vicky R.:

‘One of the biggest challenges of being a newcomer in a market is finding new clients. Regardless of whether you offer a service or sell a product, supply computer software, web design, marketing services or sell supplements for bodybuilders – your business needs new clients.

I’ve been working in affiliate marketing for 5 years now and managed to gain some practical experience, some of which I’ll willingly share with our readers. So here is my list of 5 things that always help me win more clients in affiliate marketing industry.

Tip 1.

Make use of professional services where you can find new clients, including LinkedIn, SalesHack, MyMediaAds and other channels. Be social using such sources for networking as Instagram and Facebook, and Spy tools for accelerating your sales.

Tip 2.

LinkedIn profile is your everything, you should complete it with up-to-date information. Don’t hesitate – import your contacts and connect with as many people in your network as possible. Share your blog posts, articles, business trips’ photos etc. Be personal to extremes, open-minded and positive.  Always come to your clients with personal approach; never don’t bombard them with cold emails. Love what you do and the people you do it for.

Tip 3.

Industry events, conferences, and meetups are great for networking and keeping up with the latest trends. Instead of sitting behind the computer, plan to go to a meetup, where you will meet your possible future clients. Good conferences provide opportunities for attendees to build new business relationships and strengthen the existing ones.

Tip 4.

We always return from a conference with new ideas and approaches that make our team more efficient at work because of many reasons. There we get a chance to meet the industry Experts & Influencers face to face. It’s always exciting to meet in person with someone whose articles or blogs you have been following. It’s always great to have the opportunity to meet your business idols and make a couple of selfies with them. Attending such events It’s an investment in knowledge, when your team learns new tools, marketing trends, relevant focuses, it’s an investment in each member and company in general; once you’ve purchased that conference ticket – you’ve invested in your growth.

Tip 5.

A follow-up email is a very important case for business. Don’t lose your contacts, every client matters. Don’t annoy, but come with a follow-up email asking how they have been doing lately, how their business is coming along; explain what was changed or improved in your marketing strategy, what new services you’ve implemented and how the client can benefit from them. This is about being helpful and showing that you truly care. Alternatively, you can simply ask for referrals, as it’s a very common way to get new clients.

At a conference

These tips are very basic. And they are just on the top of a very long list of things one has to daily in order to succeed. But it’s already a separate topic, we may discuss it some other time.’

The uncut live interview with Vicky is available on our YouTube channel, so please check it out.


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