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Joining the CPA Network. Walkthrough

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In the previous article we discussed in detail how to Choose the Best CPA Network, its benefits and how to choose a truly decent Network. Now is the perfect time to find out how to join one and how to work with it. So without further ado, let’s start!

Joining the CPA Network

Well, that’ the easy part. There are dozens of networks to choose from and joining them usually takes no effort. Unless of course, you are an absolute newbie to the affiliate marketing world, in which case you’ll need to know a couple basic things.

If you are a Publisher or an Affiliate, always be honest with the CPA Network about who you are, your goals and the methods you are planning to use to reach those goals. The major networks (Rainmaker included) are reluctant to work with affiliates from certain countries because those areas generate a tremendous amount of fraud. This doesn’t mean they ban those countries though. If you are from such a country, but you are a nice affiliate / a major publisher with clear traffic and great ideas on how to develop your business – you can still break through.

Secondly, it never hurts to know the niche (offer) you want to promote. And it’s better to decide on it right from the start, as some networks prefer dealing with certain offers. We recommend to pay closer attention to gaming or casino, dating, sweepstakes, and e-commerce offers as they tend to generate higher profits. If you have an established traffic source you’ll be using – that is great news too.

Affiliate sign up with the CPA Network. Walkthrough

Let’s see what the process of signing up with a major Network looks like, on the example of Rainmaker.

  1. When visiting the Rainmaker dashboard lobby at club.rmkr.uk, you see the following:

Here you choose Affiliate Sign Up (works for major Publishers too). From this page you can also email support service, should there be any questions.

  1. So you’ve chosen to sign up as an Affiliate (if you want to sign up as an Advertiser, please scroll down a bit to see the ‘Advertiser sign up walkthrough’) and were redirected to this page:

What you see there is the application form and, as we discussed above, one should be honest when filling it in and provide only reliable info. The company / name, address, city, country, state (if in USA), region (if not in the US), ZIP code and the phone number are a must. As are the user details, like name, email and the password. Optional fields include Source of Traffic and URL or App name.

  1. Once all the info is in place, it is high time to print the captcha and read the Terms and Conditions. Yes, we recommend reading those before you agree and proceed to the next step. Please choose to enable detection and prevention of malicious, invalid or unlawful activity too.

4. When ready – press the Sign Up button and expect the letter from Rainmaker support team. The letter will be sent to the email address you specified when in registration.

Confirm the email address and – welcome to the Rainmaker club!

And it’s not just a manner of speaking because the direct link to the dashboard page actually says club.rmkr.uk . You will enjoy staying in it, we are positive.

Advertiser sign up with the CPA Network. Walkthrough

  1. The Rainmaker dashboard lobby is identical for both Advertisers and Affiliates and looks like this:


  1. When you click on Advertiser Sign Up button, you proceed to the next page. It contains only 2 blocks. They are Account Details and User Details.
  1. Please fill in the company / name, address, city, country, state (if in the USA), region (if not from the US), ZIP code and the phone number. In User Details please type your email address, select and confirm a password and, optionally, set a title for the user.

  1. Once everything is set, you are ready to agree to Terms and Conditions (of course we advise reading them first), to fill in the captcha to confirm that you are not a robot and to click on the Sign Up button.

Rainmaker support team will send you the confirmation email shortly after the sign up unless some issues were detected in your application form. And of course, this reputable CPA Network will be happy to have you on board.

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