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Black Friday offers from our partners

If you are on the lookout for great helpers to add to your toolkit, then this proposition is especially for you. Take the chance to get the best marketing services with a good discount. It’s a bona fide offer from our partners. Check the TOP Marketing Services for Affiliates and let’s go shopping!

Spy tools

Do you want to know your competitor’s ad strategy? Fortunately, we have special tools that make it easy to see and replicate their success in your Ads campaign.

AdPlexity is one of the leading spy services. Keep Track of Your Competitor’s Most Profitable Ad Campaigns on Mobile Traffic Sources. Make better marketing decisions by learning what ads are already successful. Save up to 50% on AdPlexity if you use their coupon code RAINMAKER.


Step 1: Click the link below

Step 2: Choose a plan

Step 3: Fill the form

WhatRunsWhere is the premium competitive intelligence platform for online and mobile media buying. Desktop, mobile and native data are all available in one place and on one plan, making it easy to understand what strategies work best for each ads type. Enjoy 60% off (!) WhatRunsWhere between Black Friday. The coupon code –  BFCM60.


Step 1: Click the link below

Step 2: Press “Get Started”

Step 3: Choose your plan

Step 4: Fill the form


It’s a very important to understand where traffic is coming from to your sites and what people do when they visit it. Luckily, there are a number of tools available to affiliates to help analyze the metrics of their campaign.

AdsBridge is offering a staggering 50% off on Black Friday. Save with the coupon codes Rainmaker50. If you are looking for a great new tracker & TDS then you’ve come to the right place.


Step 1: Click the link below

Step 2: Signs up

Step 3: Press “Use promo code” in the “Subscription” section

Step 4: Enter promo code

Step 5: Get the discount!


Through optimization, you can to improve the quality of your Ads campaign and making it cost effective too. It’s very convenient to manage all your campaign in one place.

OptifyMe is getting a 20% off for the first 7 months of use. Just use the coupon code  RAINMAKER. OptifyMe is the automatic traffic optimization tool for affiliates and media buyers.


Step 1: Click the link below

Step 2: Signs up

Step 3: After member signs up, you will receive a 1-week  trial automatically.  During or after the trial period you are able to edit your billing details and choose a plan. Here you will be given the opportunity to fill in RAINMAKER for an added 20% discount if you decide to subscribe to a plan.


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