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Top 12 Affiliate Marketing Events of 2018

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The affiliate marketing industry has come to the point when we’ve got dozens conferences annually, which we find undoubtedly great. There is a downside to this though. The events are now numerous enough to make one feel lost in choice. With this in mind, we are putting together the list of top 12 ‘must visit’ events for affiliates marketers in 2018. 

 In this post you will find covered: 

  1. The list of top affiliate marketing events for 2018.
  2. The events dates, time and locations.
  3. Their short descriptions.
  4. Events auditories.
  5. Tickets prices and booking links.

Top 12 Affiliate Marketing Events of 2018

Here are our twelve picks for top conferences of 2018. Why twelve? Because it is a nice decision to attend at least 1 event per month to keep your productivity at the highest rate.

#12 Affiliate Summit West

Date– January 7th-9th.

Location– Las Vegas, the USA.

Audience– Affiliates and advertisers, US market.

Tickets price– Registration is over.

The Event– One of the world’s largest and most respectful affiliate marketing events. Every year, affiliates and advertisers rush to the Nevada desert in search of new connections and quality traffic. Even though the summit is over by now, we had to put it on the list just because of how important it is for the industry.

A thing to keep in mind: Try not to gamble too much.


#11 The Great Affiliate Ball

Date – January 26th.

Location – Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Audience – Affiliates

Tickets price – €45 (about $54) can book here.  

The Event  – A large party of 400 affiliate industry people gathered in one place for fun time and meetups… What can possibly go wrong? Nothing, if the meetup is organised by ABC Affiliate Business Club. Our team has been at several of their affiliate meetups in recent years, and they were all great. ABC choose new location every year, but the ball always stays in Amsterdam.

A thing to keep in mind: Take your best ballet shoes with you.


#10 Affiliate Summit Europe

Date – February 6th – 7th.

Location – London, UK.

Audience –  European affiliate marketers

Tickets price –From £349 (about $472) can register here

The Event  – This one is a new event, but we feel that it’s going to be huge. Besides, the summit’s timing is perfect – two days before the London Affiliate Conference.

A thing to keep in mind: Make use of the free coffee at the refreshment bar, it’s always tasty.


#9 London Affiliate Conference

Date – February 7th-10th.

Location – London, UK.

Audience – Advertisers and affiliates, mostly European market.

Tickets price – Free for Affiliate Summit Europe (#10) visitors and Affiliates.

The Event  – A strongest advantage of London Affiliate Conference is its organisers. Every year they manage to deliver an event that exceeds all expectations in terms of networking opportunities, new knowledge and fun.

A thing to keep in mind: Make use of the networking app the organisers provide. It’ll allow you keep in touch with all the conference participants.


#8 Mobile World Congress

Date – February 26th  – March the 1st.

Location – Barcelona, Spain.

Audience – Mobile affiliates, advertisers.

Tickets price – From €799 (about $954) can book here.

The Event  – The mobile industry needs to have its dedicated conference, and the best one is MWC. The congress is intended for all digital industry enthusiasts, and not only for affiliate marketers. There we’ll get to meet with top companies like Apple, Sony, Samsung, Lenovo, Visa, etc.

A thing to keep in mind: It’s a nice idea to subscribe to the MWC newsletter to stay up-to-date for everything conference related.


#7 The European Summit

Date – March 2nd – 5th.

Location – Lisbon, Portugal.

Audience – Affiliates mostly.

Tickets price – From €349 (about $416) or free for affiliates if booked till 25th of February here.

The Event  – It’s a good idea to move from the MWC which is in Spanish Barcelona right across the border to Lisbon, Portugal. A largest European affiliate marketing event launches there on the 2nd of March. 

A thing to keep in mind: Find some time to see Lisbon. It’s a lovely city that is unfairly seldom seen as a tourist attraction.


#6 Ad:Tech New Delhi

Date – March 8th-9th.

Location – New Delhi, India.

Audience – Affiliates, advertisers.

Tickets price – Will be announced later here.

The Event  – There is a place where media, technology and marketing come together, and in 2018 this place is Ad:Tech. New Delhi will become the center of world digital economy for two days in March. A great opportunity to get closer to the  rapidly growing market of India.

A thing to keep in mind: Eat more fruits, they’re great in India.


#5 Moscow Affiliate Conference and Party

Date – March 29th.

Location – Moscow, Russia.

Audience – Affiliates from Ukraine, Russia, CIS countries.

A thing to keep in mind: From $499 for companies can book here.

The Event  – At this point, the markets of Russia and other CIS countries accumulate over 30% of global traffic in the affiliate marketing industry. The potential is even bigger, so if you are not there yet – you are probably missing something.

A thing to keep in mind: Get ready for personal headphones with translator, as the speeches are delivered in russian.


#4 Israel Mobile Summit

Date – In June, the precise dates to be announced.

Location – Tel Aviv, Israel.

Audience – CPA Networks reps, apps developers.

Tickets price – Will be announced shortly here.

The Event  – A definite ‘must’ for anyone whose business is related to mobile apps and services for apps. By the date about eighty percent of all traffic comes from mobile, so at least 80% of all the world’s traffic will be there. A 100% guarantee.

A thing to keep in mind: Get ready to attend the conference and exhibition, they are both worth it.  


#3 Affiliate World Europe

Date – July 18th-20th.  

Location – Barcelona, Spain.

Audience – Affiliates and advertisers from around the globe.

Tickets price – To be available in February here.

The Event  – There is no chance the leading affiliates, CPA Networks and advertisers will miss Affiliate World Europe. Neither should you.

A thing to keep in mind: Do your best to go to ASE in New York that is shortly after this events. It is tough to manager, but it’s worth the effort.

Affiliate Summit East

Date – July 29th-31st.

Location – New York, the USA.

Audience – Affiliates and advertisers, US market.

Tickets price – Free for affiliates, otherwise from $99 (through May 11th) can book here.

The Event  – A twin brother (or sister) of the Affiliate Summit West is a largest industry event on the US east coast and in the world. Hard to imagine a successful advertiser or an affiliate who wouldn’t want to visit it.

A thing to keep in mind: Stay on top of things and start scheduling meetings at least 2 weeks before the conference.



Date – September 12th-13th.

Location – Cologne, Germany.

Audience – Advertisers, digital services providers.

Tickets price – Prices will be available later this year here.

The Event  – Last year the conference treated us with presence of such industry giants as Google, Rakuten and Shazam. In 2018 things promise to get even more interesting.

A thing to keep in mind: Get ready to true german punctuality and carefulness. DMEXCO is among the best organized affiliate marketing events.

Berlin Affiliate Conference (by IGB)

Date – November.

Location – Berlin, Germany.

Audience – Advertisers and affiliates (to smaller degree).

Tickets price – Prices to be announced later this year here.

The Event  – Last year BAC was a huge success, it attracted over 3,000 delegates and 1,500 affiliate attendees from around European and world markets. 2018 will likely exceed these number.

A thing to keep in mind:  Take a chocolate bar with you, so you definitely have the energy to talk to as many participants as possible.


#1 Affiliate World Asia

Date – December.

Location – Bangkok, Thailand.

Audience – Mostly affiliates from European and Asian markets.

Tickets price – Prices will be available later this year here.

The Event  – One connection can skyrocket your business and the perfect place to make it is AWA. Thanks to the unique atmosphere, the huge number of attendees and their variety, AWA has become the leading industry conference.

A useful tip – If you’re from EU or US, arrive to Bangkok at least 2 days before the conference, so you’ll be fresh for meetings.


Honourable mentions

These events are truly great, but for this reason or another, they did not make it to the top 12 list. We mean: 

Meet us at the events 

There is no chance Rainmaker team will miss any of the year’s 12 most important affiliate marketing conferences. So find our reps there or email us at hello@rmkr.uk (or pin us on Facebook @rainmakerlu) to schedule a meeting beforehand.

The best time to plan a new story of success is always now!


Post Scriptum

If you believe you know an event that belongs on the list, or think that some event’s description should be more detailed – don’t hesitate to say so in the ‘Comments’ area under this post. We always appreciate your feedback as talking to you keeps us motivated.



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