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Top 12 Crypto and Blockchain Events of 2018

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In one of our latest articles, we analyzed in what ways the current rise of Bitcoin will influence Affiliate Marketing industry. It turned out that it will in many ways. So we went a step further and investigated what Bitcoin / Blockchain events may be interesting for affiliates and advertisers in 2018.

If you decide to visit any of such events you will definitely need to know:

  1. Why visit them at all.
  2. Themes and auditories.
  3. Locations, dates and time.

Top 12 Crypto and Blockchain events of 2018

Here is the list of top twelve crypto and blockchain dedicated events of 2018. We consulted with the bitcoin.org resource to make sure they are 100% official.

Why twelve? Because we understand that affiliate marketers will hardly find time for more than 1 such event a month. For this very reason, we’ve placed the events on the calendar basis.  

#12 Blockchain Conference

February 13th, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

This is the second one of this year’s 14 similar events organized by SmileExpo worldwide. After St. Petersburg they will move to Istanbul, Geneva, Berlin, Moscow and other cities. The conference is of particular interest for blockchain enthusiasts who work in Europe and eastern Europe.

Any of SmileExpo events will host blockchain and crypto professionals, probably a fair number of developers. We don’t figure there will be many affiliate marketers at these events…


#11 The Bitcoin, Ethereum & Blockchain Superconference

February 16th-18th, Dallas, Texas 

To justify its name, this conference must be a really good one. Will it succeed? This year the planned number of attendees is close to 900, with 35 speakers sharing their knowledge on Bitcoin, Ethereum, altcoins’ present and future. 

The event is of interest for anyone who already invested in cryptocurrency, wants to invest in it, or is working with crypto traffic and needs to predict related trends. 


Fun fact – In 2009 you could buy up to 1,600 Bitcoins for just $1. In early 2018, you will need around $10,000 to buy just one Bitcoin.

#10 Blockchain: Rewiring Governance.

February 24th, Cambridge, United Kingdom

What is a better place to learn the technology of Blockchain than Cambridge? If you don’t know enough about it, the brightest minds of British academia will discuss the ways blockchain reshapes the world.

There will be just one day and 12 speakers. So the event may not be worth attention of anyone who lives outside the UK. Otherwise – give it 10 hours to learn more about the tendencies blockchain is setting to action.  


#9 The Crypto Investor Show 

March 10th, London, United Kingdom

The biggest dedicated show for crypto investors takes place in London, UK. Unlike most events on our list, this one is not a conference, not a meet-up – it’s a full scale show in Queen Elithabeth II Center. It is always a nice idea to keep close to the people who shape tomorrow’s crypto world, especially in an entertaining way.

Go there if you have cryptocurrency  investments or if you are planning to make some. Go there also if you work with crypto traffic.


#8 Token Fest

March 15th and 16th, San Francisco, the USA

San Francisco, Silicon Valley – these names are kind of sacred to crypto enthusiasts. Going to a dedicated event there is more of a pilgrimage than anything else. Last year Token Fest proved to be a perfect place to know a thing or two about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies.

In 2018 Token Fest will keep its position as an important destination for anyone interested in crypto. Affiliates included.


#7 Blockchain West Summit + Trade Show

March 26th-28th, San Francisco, the US.  

Again an event in San Francisco, only this time it’s dedicated to blockchain in general. We have to remember that crypto is an extremely important but not the only result of the ‘blockchain revolution’ currently taking place worldwide.

If you want to hear speakers from banking, insurance, other spheres share their personal experience on implementing blockchain based solutions – come to the summit.


Interesting fact – Silicon Valley is facing competition from the Swiss located ‘Crypto Valley’. At least so in terms of blockchain technology. Scroll down to #2 and read more on that.  

#6 Coin Fest 

April 5th-7th, UK, Manchester 

Besides the great logo, CoinFest has the greatest feedback from visitors of last year’s event. It is free to attend and it showcases blockchain and crypto projects from the UK and other (mostly European) countries.

If you want to be among the first to find new cryptocurrencies, and stay informed on where the crypto traffic’s going, – visit Manchester Conference Center on the 5th, 6th and 7th of April. Nothing compares to meeting crypto enthusiasts, professionals, developers in person.

#5 Blockchain Dev Conference 2018

April 19th-20th, San Francisco, the US.  

Want to know in which direction blockchain revolution will be going in 2018? Talk to the developers! On the 19th and 20th of April join the crowd in San Francisco to explore the newest technologies.

Just remember, that Blockchain is more than merely a platform for cryptocurrency – it is the platform for the major change in how the future Internet and online marketing will work.



#4 Consensus 2018

May 14th-16th, New York.

Established in 2016, this year’s CoinDesk will be the 4th (!) blockchain technology summit. This event is popular, so the promised 4,000 attendees and 250 speakers are not the limit the organizers can set. There will be no irrelevant speeches, no product placement and such – instead, we’ll find honest exchange of knowledge and opinion-sharing.

To attend this event you should either want to stay up-to-date with the latest crypto/blockchain trends or seek to meet in person other investors and affiliates working with crypto traffic.

#3 Money Conf

June 11th-13th, Dublin, Ireland 

What is the future of money? Come to Dublin in June and have your ideas confirmed or completely disregarded. There is a good reason why this year’s Money Conf will gather over 5,000 attendees from 80 countries, and the reason is exclusive knowledge.

For affiliates, publishers and advertisers it’s essential to follow the latest trends in online payments field. After all, we need to know how we’ll pay for traffic in the nearest future.


#2 Crypto Valley Conference on Blockchain Technology

June 20th-22nd, Zug, Switzerland. 

It is not a widely known fact that Switzerland has been creating a Crypto Valley centered around small town of Zug, but with big connections in blockchain innovation centers in London, San Francisco, Singapore and New York. The Valley has been rapidly increasing its activity, so now the time is right to create a dedicated conference.

They promise 30 speakers who will cover topics of blockchain and crypto related technology, economy, finance, law. That makes 10 speeches a day, one can even attend them all.

Fun fact –  None of the listed top crypto events accept Bitcoin as the payment method. Only USD, GBP, Euro, etc.

#1 Crypto Affiliate Conf

October 30th-31st, Prague, Czech Republic. 

The only conference intended exclusively for affiliate and crypto traffic dealers. It is pretty young – established in 2017, but the last year’s event was a success and so will be year two.

Gambling operators, ad networks, forex brokers and cryptocurrency experts will attend Crypto Affiliate Conf to discuss conversions, working offers and much more. If we were to name one crypto related event of 2018 definitely worth visiting – it would be this one.

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