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Time to Bet on Casino Vertical? For Affiliates Only

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We keep seeing similar questions about casino traffic and casino offers on big forums – STM, AffiliateFix, etc. The questions are usually straightforward, while the answers are too often shady. We decided to fix it and provide clear answers to:

  1. Why the golden age of online casinos is actually now
  2. What are the main sources of casino offers
  3. What are the main sources of casino traffic
  4. 2018 trends for gambling

And finally:

Is it Time to Bet on the Casino Vertical?

Golden age of online casinos

Casino (or Gambling, whichever term you prefer) vertical is considered a ‘classics’. There are some though, who believe that the golden age of casino is over. A few years back – they say – online gambling was very in, while now it is stagnating.

In truth, the situation is pretty much the opposite. We have never had more online casinos simultaneously operating in the market. Number of gamblers has never been as high. But yes, the related hype is a bit calmed down, giving us the false feeling of tranquility.

New players keep coming

The ‘fake’ casinos have been washed off of the market over the recent years. We mainly have reliable, trustworthy casinos left, and the players are well-aware of that. That is a reason why the number of players has been steadily rising.

That’s why despite the decreasing choice (remember the once popular Free Time bonus? Exactly.) of casinos bonuses, new players keep coming to online casinos.

Casino offers. Where to find them

What is in it for affiliate marketers? Well, the online casino industry is no longer young. It has evolved,  the competition got tougher. But the casino affiliate payouts got higher.

The hype has calmed down. Fewer affiliates turn to casino vertical. But the profits still remain.

To get casino offers in 2018 affiliates can:

  • Come to a trustworthy CPA Network. It is time-saving since Rainmaker already has quality offers.
  • Make use of casinos affiliate programs. Only make sure to read Terms and Conditions first, there may be strings attached.
  • Try to approach a casino owner directly. This one is pretty hard to manage.

Casino traffic sources

The first thing to know here is that major part of casino traffic comes from desktop. Top online casinos provide mobile applications and allow playing in browsers – yet, more players choose laptop and PC over mobile gambling. At least for now.  

To get casino traffic in 2018 affiliates can:

  • Build a traffic source of their own. A couple of dedicated websites might work fine because CR should be pretty high.
  • Buy some from an Ad Network, but only from a trustworthy one. Try OfferVault resource for the search. 
  • Buy from fellow affiliates. Keep in mind though, that such traffic might be of low quality.

2018  trends for gambling

Based on what we see, we’ll risk it to make a couple predictions for gambling vertical trends for this year.

Spoiler alert – it is very much worth working with casino vertical. More then ever in fact. Here is why: 

  1. Daily fantasy sports will generate tons of traffic. It is not strictly gambling, so many states of the US keep it legal (unlike online casinos).
  2. Gambling offers for the UK are getting hard to find due to heavy local regulations. So diversify it, try different GEOs – UK, Australia, Scandinavian countries – to see which ones perform better.
  3. For one-time, fast, guaranteed profits most affiliates will still prefer CPA. While revenue share will work excellently for long-term projects.
  4. We will probably see a further drop in search traffic. But this one strongly depends on the casinos marketing activities.
  5. This year more traffic will come from mobile. Playing casino games on-the-go is already a habit for many and the number will only rise.

After all, if there is one thing in the world we always carry with us – it is a smartphone. And it’s fun to enjoy one’s favorite slots (poker, blackjack, roulette, whatever) anytime, anywhere.

Is it too late to join in as a casino affiliate?

Unlike in traditional business, in the affiliate marketing, one can achieve rapid success with minimal investments even when entering a highly competitive field.

The main thing is to have the passion for what you are doing and be smart. It is just like with almost anything: if you worry about money and money only – your chances to make it are nearing zero.

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