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Affiliate Summit West 2018. The Guide

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The new affiliate year 2018 will kick off with Las Vegas hosting the flagship industry event, Affiliate Summit West.

On January 7th, 8th and 9th top CPA Networks, affiliates and advertisers will rush to the Nevada desert in search of new connections and quality traffic. Of course Rainmaker team reps will be at the event. This year we are sending our brand ambassador Darina and our VP of Marketing Elen.

ASW 2018 Things to Know

When done reading this article you will know:

  1. ASW place and time
  2. Names of top ASW 2018 speakers and what they’re famous for
  3. The best places to go after the summit
  4. What casinos to visit in Las Vegas
  5. How to always win playing slots. Just kidding, no one knows that.

ASW Place and Time

ASW 2018 is running on January 7th, 8th and 9th in Paris. Sorry, it’s AT Paris. One of the best, top-rated hotels and casinos in Las Vegas, US. They reserved a block of rooms for summit participants for six nights from the 4th to 10th of January. Room rates vary from $160 to $225 with possibility of applying tax on the amount.

The atmosphere of 1920s Paris is perfectly caught and preserved on the hotel territory. Even the right smell is there… That of roasted coffee and freshly baked bread. The Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and Hotel de Ville – all have their copies in Las Vegas. The famous Le Theater des Arts is also there, and it regularly stages world-famous celebrities. On the hotel’s roof, there is an excellent view, a heated pool and a SPA, both immersed in the greenery of a French garden (in the desert, let us remind you).

ASW 2018 speakers

They are over 100. We know quite a few of them quite well and we’ve probably met many them before… Now let’s find out what they have to say this time.

Jeremy Schoemaker is the person behind the widely known Shoemoney.com website. Chances are, that he will probably be sharing insights on his newest project. 

John Chow is an author, a blogger, speaker, father, entrepreneur and, according to his website – a Dot Com Mogul. He was one of the first people to take his blog from making zero to over $40,000 per month. Maybe he will share a couple of secrets on how he did it.

Geno Prussakov is the Founder and CEO of AM Navigator LLC. Geno sure has quite a few stories to share, as he contributed to the online marketing success of major brands like Skype, Forbes, Medifast, Hallmark, Travelex Insurance.

Christina Szekeres is the well-known FB Queen. For ten years she has been building, running and operating her performance marketing business. Being an open person, she always has something interesting to say.

Michael Benedek, the CEO of New York-based Datonics company. Given that Datonics is one of the leading distributors of search and other data on the Internet, we expect only a great speech from him.   

The perfect place to go after the summit

Taken that you’re in Las Vegas, basically any place you go will be fun. And probably show or gambling related. Yet, look at that…

The Strip

They call it Sin City for the highly developed industry of land-based gambling and intense clubbing, etc. The casinos are scattered all over Las Vegas. But the heart of day and nightlife beats on the Las Vegas Strip. So it should probably be your very first destination… especially knowing that Paris Hotel where the conference is taking place and where you’ll probably be accomodated.



Many of the world’s largest casinos (Bellagio with its famous fountains, New York and Caesar, to name a few), hotels and resorts are located in this very avenue. And what a roaring mixture of brightly dressed people and bright illuminations this street is!

Strip is also a major shopping center. One will definitely find pleasure in walking slowly up and down this street with countless little shops and bars. Rather surprisingly, you’ll find many theatres there too. It is only in Las Vegas that you see so many drunk theatre goers. One can wander around the Strip for days. Hot? Just visit the nearest air-conditioned store. Hungry? Food spots with treats for every taste and budget are found 50 meters apart.



Top Las Vegas casinos

Sin City has about 80 major casinos, thousands of gaming pavilions and many fashionable hotels. Most of those are flourishing. So Las Vegas wants to keep things the way they are and takes many precautions against what they perceive as a threat to the current order.

For instance, the city bans online casinos.  They probably fear that rise of online gambling will strongly influence the major land based casinos like:


Caesars Palace Casino that does know how to attract and entertain its visitors. Located on the west side of Strip street, it hosts tourists from all over the world. The casino’s luxury hotel rarely has unoccupied rooms. Without a doubt, Caesars Palace is one of the best gambling and fun time destinations.




Built back in 1986, The Gold Coast Hotel and Casino underwent a major rebuild in 2002. There are now about 2000 slot machines and this is the key attraction for gamblers from the US, China and Europe. A great place for slots fans.





The Bellagio is one of the largest places for gamblers in Las Vegas. Here we find at least two and a half thousand slot machines. Plus, over 200 gambling tables.





The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is one of the newest complexes. It’s made of shiny glass from floor to ceiling. The latest technologies and newest games attract more and more tourists every year. The Cosmopolitan also gives the possibility for sports betting.





Crossing the threshold of The Venetian is almost like getting to the Venice itself, with its rich architecture and renaissance splendor. This is one of the best casinos in Las Vegas and a perfect place to go to after the Paris.




To sum things up

Name: Affiliate Summit West (ASW)

Date: 7-9 January 2018

Place: Paris Las Vegas Hotel, Nevada, United States.

Speakers: 100+ speakers from around the world, all affiliate marketing experts.


Rainmaker ASW reps: VP of Marketing Elen and our Brand Ambassador Darina. To get in touch with any of them if you are an Advertiser please schedule a meeting here, and if you are an Affiliate – please schedule a meeting here.