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Rainmaker Team at AdSummit in Kyiv

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A new productive business trip of RMKR team to AdSummit 2017, which was held on 17th May in Kyiv. At the largest Digital Marketing conference in Ukraine, there were a great number of attendees from a vast variety of countries who got interested in buying video, display and mobile traffic.

More than 300 people visited this conference where they could meet old friends and partners and find new ones. And of course, this event couldn’t but finish without a cool afterparty in the club Famous, which is located in the very heart of Kyiv.

At the conference, our booth was visited by such companies as: Amonetize,  Clickadu, Coinis, AdSterra, Kimia, PPC Buzz, Art of Clicks and many other companies with what we exchanged the contacts for further cooperation.

It was super exciting and efficient. We do hope to see our partners at Affiliate World Europe in June

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