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2017 You’ve Been a Very Nice Year. Rainmaker Recap

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The year is almost over and what a great year it has been! Thanks to you, our readers, partners and clients, we at Rainmaker have been enjoying every minute of it. But it is time to let it go and look forward to an even brighter (we are positive) 2018.

Before we do though, let us stop for a while and look back at what important things happened in 2017, what milestones have been passed, which memories will be carried further.

2017 You’ve Been a Very Nice Year

Let us begin this recap with brief description of the 10+ conferences our team has been to.

In early spring, Rainmaker team reps went to the Moscow Affiliate Conference. From there we took a flight to AD Summit in Kyev, Ukraine. Then in June we were in Tel-Aviv, taking very active part in Israel Mobile Summit. The event was passing in a huge hangar where thousands of businesses had the perfect conditions to meet up and communicate.
Rainmaker at Formula 1

A most intense and full of impressions meeting with top affiliates at RedBull Formula 1 took place in Budapest. The roaring engines of the world’s fastest cars doing 370 kmh on the track, somehow made a perfect soundtrack for the business deals.

Berlin, here we come

A few months later, Berlin Affiliate Conference awaited us in Germany. Though the weather was grey, the impressions were very bright and we brought so much out of this conference. We also gambled a bit and the bets reached 1000+ Euro. Take a look how it went: 

Malta, you are a sunny paradise

Rainmaker team took a flight to Malta for the Sigma iGaming Summit in November. Since online casino, dating and sweepstakes offers are our major power, there was no chance we could miss it. So many great meetings (over 30!) at the summit, thank you all, guys!

AWA in Bangkok

Shortly after, in November and early December, two huge things happened. Rainmaker took active part in Affiliate World Asia in Bangkok. Our booth attracted impressive amount of attention.

But the best part was yet to come… A few days after the conference the brightest and full of adventures STM Island party took place. Here is how it was: 

While still in Thailand, Elen, Darina, Natali and other team members helped to organize the insane Neon Jungle Party with 200+ participants

What we do when not working

Between all the work, we find time enough to have some fun. For example, here is how the beautiful part of Rainmaker congratulated our men on November 19th:

What funny Christmas promo we’ve launched

As always, at the end of the year we sent out warm Christmas greetings emails. Only this time we decided to accompany our season greetings with the Star Wars promo. It is currently running on Instagram under the title ‘Holiday DarthSweater’.

How many movies we’ve watched

12 times during the year we gathered at the cinema to watch great movies together. One of those was, quite predictably, the new Star Wars movie. And there is a great 1997 film named ‘Rainmaker’ with Matt Damon and Danny DeVito. It is a great story of the way to success, moral values and on how to make things happen. Of course we could not miss the chance to watch it in the cinema when they launched a limited run.

How many hours we’ve spent flying in airplanes

Let’s round the figure up – over 1,500 hours were spent flying to and from conferences, meetups and business meetings.

How much tea we’ve drunk and how many cookies we’ve eaten

548 kilos of cookies helped us have the work done on time… and gain some extra weight 😊

2018 Here We Come

We are looking forward to the upcoming year with great interest and high expectations. Rainmaker will kick off the business 2018 in Las Vegas at the Affiliate Summit West. We are sending two team members Elen A. and Darina S. Please meet them at the summit…

Our sincere thanks go to our partners, Affiliates and Advertisers. We are extremely lucky to have you with us and happy to work with you.

In 2018, Let’s start something even more exciting together!  

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