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Rainmaker launches the ‘Holiday DarthSweater’ promo

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So ok, Christmas is upon us. It’s finally time for sweets-eating, gift-giving, holiday Star-Wars-watching and … for wearing ugly sweaters.

Only this year the guilty pleasure of wearing sweaters with unusual pics on them will be rewarded!


You will like it, Star Wars fans

Rainmaker is launching an unusual Instagram promo campaign titled ‘Holiday DarthSweater’ where you get to exchange your ugly sweater to a unique Darth Sweatshirt.

Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. Follow these four simple steps to participate and win the sweatshirt:  

  1. take a photo / selfie of yourself wearing a funny sweater,
  2. post it on Instagram,
  3. tag Rainmaker with @rmkr_limited
  4. hashtag the photo with #darthsweater

The best part is that we don’t decide on the winners – you and other Instagram users do. Ten posts that follow the instructions above and collects most likes will win the contest. Pretty straightforward.

Three reasons to participate

With just a bit of luck you can a) win one of 10 Darth Vader sweatshirts. b) Thousands of people will see your photo when we share it to Rainmaker social accounts and blog. c) And you keep your original sweater too.

The promo runs till December 31st. Lucky winners will receive their parcels with prizes right after the 1st of January.

Enter the New Year in a new cool sweater.

And may the warmth be with you!

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