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How to join a major CPA Network

Choosing the best CPA Network. Four simple tips

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Recently we reviewed the Five steps that will make you a Publisher in the rapidly growing affiliate marketing industry. And the very 1st step was to find a nice, decent, reputable CPA Network. Today we are discussing in detail how this can be done with ease. So without further ado, let’s start.

What is CPA

Cost Per Action (CPA) is a basic term used in Affiliate Marketing. When a website (app, blog, etc.) visitor performs an action required by an Advertiser (please see the above-mentioned article to have this and other terms explained), the Advertiser pays a certain set amount to the Publisher who delivered that visitor. This amount basically is the CPA.

The action can be different, from merely filling in a contact form to buying some product or service online. The amount of money paid per action differs dramatically. The cheapest is usually a simple Pin submit, which is just 20 US Cents per action; the most expensive is a first time depositing for fin-tech brands, which is 500-600 US Dollars.

What is a CPA Network

In a nutshell, a CPA Network is a hub that effortlessly connects Publishers and Advertisers. It then monitors actions of these two parties, guarantees that the former ones receive their well-earned payments, and the latter ones have their advertisement shown to the desired audiences.  

Another way to explain the notion of a CPA Network is by comparing it to something many of us use every day – Google Adwords. When promoting your website by means of this popular platform you are acting as an Advertiser, Google is being a Network and the owners of resources where Google shows your ads are being Publishers. It’s a rough example, but it illustrates the concept pretty well.

By the way, the Cost you Pay per Click here is your CPC.

Choosing the best CPA Network. Four simple tips

It’s quite a job to choose the perfect CPA Network. But following these 4 tips will definitely help in the process.

Tip 1. Research

To do the research before you make a move is like a basic tip one can give here. Yet, it is surprising just how many people tend to join the very first Network they see when going online. It is safe to say that you are not one of those people, because you found this article and kept reading it to this point. But it’s always a nice idea to check several independent resources and see what they say about this or that CPA Network in terms of reliability, offers, payments, and content.

Tip 2. Offers  

How not to fall for cheap advertisement and start working with a really reputable company? The simplest way is to take a look at their offers. True, they will all talk about some sort of special offer, unique approach and suchlike. But it’s also true that only selected CPA Networks have honest special offers and others simply put on airs. So it’s best to remain cool and pay attention to mere facts. And the fact is that pretty much any major CPA network will have gaming, dating, iPhone / iPad, e-commerce, housing, loans/insurance, sweepstakes, mobile content, extensions and health / diet trials covered.

Tip 3. Content

A nice CPA Network will definitely provide you with content you can use as a Publisher or an Affiliate. It can and should deliver banners, advertising texts, email kits, pop up / pop under creatives, etc. If the Network you are about to join tells you they don’t have something you need, then there must be something wrong with this network.

Tip 4. Payments

Some Networks make payments in parts and can have delays up to 60 days. This is even looked at as normal practice and the affiliates / publishers usually do not complain. The problem begins when this figure is over sixty days. Some will pay every 1-2 weeks, but not all of networks that do that are considered trustworthy. We, however, should keep in mind, that the leading CPA Networks tend to pay after only 30 days.

P.S. Put eggs in different baskets

Even the newbie Affiliates tend to simultaneously work with several CPA Networks. They do that to diversify their efforts and see which one pays more.

Why newly created CPA Networks can be in danger

The price of launching a basic CPA Network has climbed down to just about $5,000, which is of course incredible. One can take HasOffers (or suchlike) software, personalize it and a new network is ready to conquer the world. The results are not all good. In recent past, an Affiliate knew that the business that managed to launch something as expensive as a CPA Network is sure to provide timely payments. Today an Affiliate can’t be so sure about that. The cost of entering affiliate marketing business may now be historically lowest. But the cost of maintaining and developing it remains pretty high. Newly created Networks are at risk in this situation.

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