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The ‘Holiday DarthSweater’ Promo Winners Announcement

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As you remember, before Christmas we launched the ‘Holiday DarthSweater’ promo and then promised to name the winners on January 12th…

Now it’s time to keep this promise. According to the promo terms, anyone who made a photo of him/herself wearing a funny sweater, posted it to Instagram and then hashtagged it with #DarthSweater became a participant. The winners are the active instagramers, whose posts gained more likes.

The winners are:

Jenny                                                    Attila                                                     Marinus



Your good sense of humor, personal charisma & influence have brought you the win! While your photos brought a smile to many people’s faces and made you a champion of festive mood 🎉 🙂

Let us also thank each and every promo participant –  you are a hero even if you’re not on the winners list 🙂

So how do you receive the prize?  

We have already contacted the winners as for the shipping details. This means the gift sweatshirts will very soon be on their way. If you are to receive one, please keep in mind that depending on your location the package may arrive with a bit of delay. But it definitely will.

Enjoy the presents, and don’t hesitate to start something exciting with Rainmaker!