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Traffic vs Verticals

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In the previous article, we analyzed top 10 traffic sources. Following on from that topic, let us review top affiliate marketing verticals and how they combine with traffic types.

It is utterly important to select the right vertical for the traffic you have at hand. Too often this choice alone draws the line between a profitable campaign and a bad one.

Verticals and how them combine with Traffic

A few will argue that traffic at hand must fit the vertical for best campaign results. Here is how you choose the vertical to match your traffic perfectly.


In spite of tough competition, there is always a way for an ambitious affiliate to make money with dating vertical. The right way to reach the users’ hearts and pockets. It’s a popular vertical with beginner affiliates, as it requires smaller deposits. It offers considerable payments, especially for selected GEOs… Plus, high volumes can generate impressive revenue & give the great first taste of affiliate marketing.

Best for traffic types: Search traffic, social (Facebook, Instagram, if done right), own website or blog.


Includes everything finance related, from insurance and loans to Forex and binary options. All offers in this vertical have one thing in common – the fact they require higher investment (on the affiliate side) and can bring higher revenue. One has to carefully manage traffic sources. So this vertical is more popular with experienced affiliates who can afford to experiment. 

Best for traffic types: Search, email, native ads, try messengers, social traffic might (just might) work.  


A bright image of the new iPhone X attracts attention and a nice slogan sells the product. Playing with sweepstakes offers has always been a part of affiliate game and the situation will not change in observable future. One strong advantage of this vertical is that reacting to sweepstakes announcements is usually free for users, so they easily grab their attention.

Best for traffic types: Popup / Clickunder, display, email traffic, social (Facebook mainly), Adwords.


Potential of this vertical is huge, as it attracts people who care about themselves and are ready to pay for good looks and good feels. Another advantage – the percent of repeated purchases is high if people have gained some progress and are seriously determined to reach the desired results. Nutra campaigns show worthy approves too.

Best for traffic types: Display, Popup / Clickunder, Native, socials (again, if done right), search traffic, contextual advertising. 


Casino games, sports betting, online bingo… Yes, pursuing potential players to join an online casino instead of a land-based one is NOT an easy task. But, at the same time, gambling vertical has arguably the highest percent of repeated purchases and can generate revenue for months if not for years to come. Attract the users with nice creatives and get ready to cash in!

Best for traffic types: Display, Popup / Clickunder, Native, Messengers traffic, traffic from own websites.


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TOP-10 Traffic Sources

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Let’s take a closer look at where the traffic comes from. Then let’s see where to apply it, on which types of offers.

For your convenience, we are making the reviewed traffic sources in form of a Top list. Note that the placement is random and does not mean that we feel some sources are more important than the others.

Top ten sources of online traffic

When reading you’ll notice that some traffic sources have a ‘Freemium’ mark added next to them. Pay attention to those if you are a newbie affiliate, as they flag traffic sources that require minimum (if any) investment on your side.   

By ‘Freemium’ we mean a traffic source that requires low investment, usually in form of paying for hosting, proxy, spy tool, suchlike. But if needed – one can put more money in it for extended results.

1) Search traffic (Freemium)

When visitors come from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu (for China), Yandex (for Russia) – they generate search traffic. The free way to gain it is to create a great website of your own.

Get more traffic:

Improve your resource ranking for free by adding metadata, keywords, tags, publishing new content regularly, etc. Although none of this will matter without solid, high quality content and considerable time period.

Best run with offers:

2) Contextual advertising

Paid advertisement by means of Google adwords, Bing Ads, Yahoo Gemini, Amazon and other suchlike tools.  

It’s an excellent source of high quality traffic. The key advantage of contextual advertising is that you set the targeting, make your ads shown only to users interested in the product.

Hence – higher involvement, if compared to many other sources.

Best run with offers:

3) Social Media 

A way to generate social media traffic for free is to have an account with many loyal followers in Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc. YouTube, Vimeo and other video hosting/sharing platforms belong here as well.

Traffic coming from SM is usually of very high quality. If you manage to build a community of loyal followers who really listen to your opinion –  it’s a nice source of targeted traffic. 

Get more traffic:

Probably the best way to generate free social traffic is to launch viral posts. Catchy content that people will want to share voluntarily. It’s not easy to create, but it’s always worth the effort.

As for paid social traffic – purchasing targeted traffic from Facebook is the best option here. Instagram, Twitter and YouTube also offer paid traffic.

Run it with offers:

4) Own Website or own Blog (Freemium)

To launch your own website you’ll need to buy a domain name, pay for hosting and create the webpage. The latter one can be done for free with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

If the theme delivery is right, your resource will steadily gain momentum, increasing the amount of incoming traffic and profit in your pocket.

Get more traffic:

To improve your website’s traffic flow, you should definitely improve its search ranking. We already expanded on that in #1 above.

Run it with offers:

5) Thematic forums, blogs (Freemium) 

Any resource that hosts people with similar interests is a potential goldmine for an affiliate. With correct positioning, thematic forums and blogs will be an excellent source of targeted, conversing traffic.

Get more traffic:

One way to generate traffic from such resources is to post articles. If readers find your content interesting – they will come to your website. Also try leaving (useful) comments under other people’s posts.

Run it with offers:

But it all comes down to the forum theme really.

6) Messengers (Freemium)

A comparatively new trend in affiliate marketing.

One of the advantages of messenger traffic (Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, etc.) over social media posts and suchlike – is push notifications.

Telegram and other messengers deliver alerts, which allows you to push messages directly to the lock screen of a messenger user.

Get more traffic:

Probably the best way to get more traffic from messengers is to gather auditories of interested users via (private) groups. It’s really inexpensive for the moment.

Run it with offers:

7) Email

The old good emailing lives and flourishes. However, approach to handling it has radically changed.

It is no longer possible to carelessly spam people on your database. Your letter will go through a lot of spam filters and should be truly interesting, so the addressee opens it and clicks on the provided link.

It takes months to gather a solid database and loads of experience to organize a successful emailing campaign. Luckily, you can always buy email traffic for instant results.

Run it with offers:

8) Display 

Banners placed on the right website are an excellent source of traffic. Just make sure they advertise information relevant to the website specifics.

Ad Blockers have not been kind to banners in recent years, but creative banners (preferably interactive) remain one of the best, time-tested sources of inexpensive traffic.  

Run it with offers:

9) Popup/Clickunder 

Two of the oldest types of traffic generations are still effective. Even with the latest implementation of Google Chrome Ad Blocker – pops rule!

PopUps and Clickunders are quite cheap, which clearly illustrates lower quality of such traffic. But they are perfect for adult and dating offers.

Run it with offers:

10) Native Ads 

Over the past few years, native advertising has been gaining popularity (again, as we already witnessed a golden age of native ads).

The tendency intensified last year, when Google basically stated that it’ll favor native ads when building ‘a better web for everyone’.

The newly released Chrome Ad Blocker follows the Coalition for Better Ads standards, which also implicates preferable use of native ads that look like a part of a website and do not annoy users.

Run it with offers:

To sum things up 

Each of these selected traffic sources is equally capable of generating fair amount of quality traffic. We’ve presented here their schematic analysis and have given examples of offers perfect for each type of traffic. You are welcome to use those

If any questions our affiliate managers will be happy to answer:

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Darina: live:darina.rainmaker 

In the upcoming article we’ll analyze what verticals work best with each type of traffic, so stay in touch!