Blockchain World Conference Recap

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This Monday we had the pleasure of being invited to the Bangkok Blockchain World Conference. The panelists discussed the future and evolution of blockchain technology. This is the #1 topic at marketing & tech convention around the world. Speech topics include:

  •    Banking on Blockchain
  •    Disruption & Impact of Crypto
  •    Anonymity on the Blockchain
  •    Building a Blockchain Project

Blockchain technology promises to digitize, decentralize, secure and validate transactions – that would change the basics of Internet transactions. The experts say, it removes the mediator from the chain and creates a more democratic system and ultimately builds trust. Ad fraud will be reduced through the validation of these transactions within the Blockchain.

The more participants there are in the network, the higher the security and the more fraud can be filtered out. That’s one of the main reasons experts are so excited about Blockchain across finance, logistics, healthcare, logistics, automotive and other industries.

Except for the blockchain, we made out own “Airplane” challenge chain. Take a look! Will you be able to make the same?

Philip, Darina and Yuriy

Marinus and Darina

Andrej and Darina

The motto of our company is “Let’s start something exciting”! So, let’s start more challenges today!

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