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How to become an affiliate marketing Publisher in 5 steps

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So you have a website (a blog, a landing page, underline the applicable) and decided to make it profitable. You probably heard about this thing called Affiliate Marketing and are now trying to make heads or tales of what it is and how it works. We dare guess that Google provided you with a ton of tips, hints, articles on when to choose CPA, CPC, CPM, how much to pay as an advertiser or which affiliates are most appreciated… But wait a minute, what is an Advertiser or an Affiliate here? To say nothing of CPA, CPM, etc.  Exactly! You are a newbie in this field and you want to start with basics before you become a successful Publisher (whatever the term means).

Key affiliate marketing players and their roles in the market

First off, let’s name the key players in this field and see how they interact. They are 3: an Advertiser, a Publisher (that’s you after you’ve read this article and start implementing the new knowledge), and a CPA Network.

An Advertiser is a person or a company that has a service or a product they want to market to end customers. They create an offer based on budget and needs, usually provide with advertising materials like texts, banners, etc. An Advertiser also provides payment when a consumer gets informed about their product with the help of a Publisher.

A Publisher is usually a person who has a successful online resource and can share information provided by an Advertiser with his or her readers. They post the provided materials and get paid for every potential customer they bring to the Advertiser.

A CPA Network is basically a hub that can effortlessly connect Publishers and Advertisers. It will monitor actions of these other two players, guarantee that the first ones receive their well-earned payments, and the latter ones have their advertisement shown to the right audiences.

There is one more player in the game and that is an Affiliate. It’s a person or a business that buys traffic from smaller publishers and then sells it to the CPA Network. Basically, it’s a ‘middleman’ but a useful one. At least so for those online resource owners who don’t want to hunt for advertisers, and prefer to leave all such troubles and risks to someone else.

Why Publishers and Advertises usually don’t work directly with each other

At this point you may be wondering, if the Advertisers and Publishers can work directly with each other, then why don’t they? Clearly, a CPA Network will take some fee for its services, and wouldn’t it be better to use the money for something more useful. Like buying more traffic or, say, a dinner in a nice restaurant. The answer to this question is actually simple.

True, an Advertiser can be its own ‘CPA network’. But it’s quite a hassle, because they will need to come up with dedicated software for tracking which Publishers shared its materials, how many times it happened and whether or not those were ‘quality’ shows (to make sure they were real people and not bots). Secondly, they would need to have a customer service, promo materials, track the payments and do a million other smaller things. So basically it’s just not worth it unless the advertiser comes to the affiliate marketing world with a long-term project, huge budgets, and a pretty nice initial conversion level.

For Publishers the reasoning is even simpler. They want to be sure they receive payments on time and in full. Period. While advertisers make payments in parts and usually have up to 60 days delays (that’s considered a normal practice, the problem is when this figure is over sixty days). CPA Networks tend to pay after only 30 days. So we don’t see too many publishers who want to work this way, even though it is absolutely possible.

How to become an affiliate marketing Publisher in 5 steps

1) Сhoose a nice CPA network.

We will discuss in detail how to join a CPA network and how to work with its dashboard in a next week’s article.

2) Find an Advertiser who is willing to promote their service on your resource.

If you have decided to work with an affiliate or with a network, you will, of course, skip this step.

3) Create appealing content.  

Again, if you decided to work with a CPA Network – simply use content they provide you with. Otherwise, come up with the fitting content that will catch your readers’ (viewers or whatever the specifics of your resource is) eye and make them react to the Advertiser’s offer.

4) Find a perfect source of traffic.

Decide on what sour traffic source works best for you. Visitors can come from social networks, from google search, etc.

5) Start making money

That’s the easy part. Advertisers usually pay once per 1-2 months, while affiliates may pay more often.

And of course you can always create your own great resource. If your website, blog, video blog or whatever resource gets great and attracts enough visitors –  use it to become not only famous, but also rich.

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